Paige and Paul | St Joan of Arc | One America Wedding

Paige and Paul | St Joan of Arc | One America Wedding

What a phenomenal day that Paige and Paul had on their wedding day! The sun was shinning; it wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was perfect! From the very beginning, everyone loved everything about their wedding! The colors, the food, everything!  With all of the planning that went into it, everything went off without a hitch! Thank you very much, Paige and Paul, for allowing me to photograph your amazing wedding day!!

P.S.  Be sure to check out the Q&A section with Paige and Paul at end of the blog post

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Getting Ready: Conrad | Ceremony: St Joan of Arc Catholic Church | Priest: Father John Kiefer | Reception: One America Building — The Tower | Photography: Anya Albonetti Photography | Colors: Yellow and Gray | Bridal Gown: Bridal Super Store by Posie Patch | Bridesmaids’ Gowns: Bella Bridesmaids | Tuxes: Joseph A. Banks |  Wedding Coordinator: Four Leaf Events Indy | Hair: Wild Horses Salon | Makeup: Wild Horses Salon | Flowers: Posh Petals | Cake Artist: Rose Van Ausdal at Simply Perfection Cakes | Band: Endless Summer Band | Transportation: Pink Flamingo Party Bus | First Dance: “Stand By Me” | Videographer: Hal Graves | Honeymoon: Costa Rica

Paige and Paul_W_0003_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0004_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0006_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0011_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0019_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0021_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0023_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0024_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0028_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0032_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0048_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0067_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0068_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0071_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0086_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0090_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0094_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0097_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0108_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0112_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0123_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0136_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0139_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0140_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0162_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0197_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0210_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0282_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0329_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0334_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0367_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0374_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0382_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0386_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0388_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0390_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0395_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0400_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0408_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0414_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0434_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0435_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0439_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0440_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0443_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0451_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0453_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0457_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0461_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0467_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0471_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0475_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0476_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0487_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0491_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0493_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0495_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0497_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0500_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0608_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0661_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0667_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0695_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0709_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0715_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0729_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0949_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0968_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0969-Edit_WEB Paige and Paul_W_0972_WEB

Q&A With Paige and Paul

Wedding Overview: Our wedding day was amazing! I got ready with my bridesmaids in the morning, as hair and make-up arrived right on schedule. Simultaneously, Paul got ready with his groomsmen. The Pink Flamingo party bus picked the guys up first to take them to the church, then the girls. We were picked up separately, as Paul and I did not see each other prior to the wedding. The church was hot, but we hung in there. We got hitched, all headed to the Pink Flamingo, and took more pictures with the wedding party! We then took the bus to the reception for a party-filled evening. The dance floor was packed all night long, and the band was incredible. It was great to see all our friends and family! Paul and I are so thankful to ALL the vendors for making our night so memorable!

Favorite Moment: Our favorite part of the wedding day was seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. We hadn’t seen each other since the rehearsal dinner, so we were excited! We obviously had a blast at the reception as well!

Funniest Moment: The funniest part was seeing some of our parents’ friends interesting dance moves! We also had some funny times on the Pink Flamingo bus.

Tips for future brides and grooms: Stay in the moment and just enjoy your whole day! The wedding day goes by quick, as it is a busy one! Don’t let it slip by and don’t let it stress you out too much! HAVE FUN!


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