Lauren and Andrew | Brown County Engagement Photography

Lauren and Andrew | Brown County Engagement Photography

When I received a wedding inquiry with this in the subject line, “Your photos are beautiful, and I might die if you don’t photograph my wedding =),” I knew that I was in for a special treat.  When Lauren, Andrew, and I met for their engagement session in Brown County, a treat is certainly what I received. Firstly, they are people after my own heart–they love board games! They tried explaining this one to me, but I’m still a bit lost… haha!  Secondly, they brought a chandelier to their session. How fun! People all around were taking photos with it when we briefly stepped away. It was quite amusing! Lastly, they were not afraid to go down steep terrain just to get the “perfect shot.”  I am still picking off the seeds that stuck to my tights from that adventure… Thank you so much, Lauren and Andrew, for flying in from Florida for your Brown County Engagement Session! I cannot wait until your wedding day!!!

cheers anya

Lauren and Andrew_E_0001_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0005_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0017_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0022_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0028_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0032_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0037_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0039_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0050_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0055_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0057_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0061_WEB   Lauren and Andrew_E_0077_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0088_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0090_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0091_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0103_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0109_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0112_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0118_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0128_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0135_WEB   Lauren and Andrew_E_0141_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0144_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0147_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0155_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0158_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0160_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0168_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0174_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0189_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0192_WEB Lauren and Andrew_E_0194_WEB

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— Posted on November 4, 2014 at 3:26 pm