Jennie and Geoff | Indianapolis Maternity Session


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Jennie and Geoff | Indianapolis Maternity Session

It makes me so happy to watch my friends and wedding couples go through some of life’s most precious moments. Jennie and Geoff are one of these couples. I’ve considered these two as friends for quite a few years now. I was thrilled to photograph their engagement session, wedding, and now I get to follow them through their journey of becoming parents. I might be a bit extra sentimental with this one because I’m also expecting a little bundle of joy. Jennie is about a month further along than me… So, she is able to give a little window into my future.  *grins*  Please enjoy the photos!


cheers anya

Jennie and Geoff_M_0033_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0035_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0042_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0077_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0084_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0088_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0090_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0096_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0100_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0104_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0110_WEB Jennie and Geoff_M_0112_WEB

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